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Confidential bulletins are e-mailed to MADA regular members and associate members which contain the latest information on state and federal laws and regulations pertaining to the automotive industry. These Dateline bulletins also contain many ideas that can help dealers improve their business in sales and service to their customers. In addition to these e-mails, MADA “blasts” via e-mail and fax urgent information when necessary. Dateline bulletins can be accessed by going to the "Members Area" and clicking the left navigation button, "DATELINE.


We are the oldest remaining private section group self-insurer in Missouri. The Fund was formed November 1982 to enable members, as a group, to pool their resources and self-insure their workers’ compensation exposure. The Fund is non-profit. All excess profit is returned to the participating members in the form of reduced rates, safety credits or dividends. A volunteer Board of Trustees directs the operations of the Fund.

MADA and MADA Services Corporation provide the staff for the administration of the program including marketing, underwriting, loss control services and claims management. Your MADA team is service driven we are dedicated exclusively to Missouri dealers.

The Fund’s goal is to provide competitively priced workers’ compensation coverage, aggressive claims management and professional loss control services and educational opportunities to our members. Additional, complimentary services include safety assessments, training, program and policy development and consultations.

The Fund has returned over $4m in dividends and $2.8m of safety related performance based premium credits. Rates have decreased 38.9% since 2006.

For more information about the savings and services available through MADA’s program including a no-obligation quote, please contact Sherri Knoll or Marilyn Curtit at 800.246.2667.


We offer two plans under the MADA Dental Program. The MADA Dental Program is designed for and offered exclusively to MADA members. It is self-funded through MADA. This program may be offered to your employees as a voluntary employee paid benefit or as a full or partially employer paid benefit. This plan covers all ADA treatment codes, including orthodontia for children or adults, and does not require the use of “network” providers.

*Dental, life, and short-term disability insurance from The Guardian are also available to MADA members.
Contact Judy Hale for answers to all Dental and Life Insurance questions. 573.634.3011 ext. 170


Franchised and used car dealers may secure their $25,000 and $100,000 dealer bond through MADA. These bonds are required by law and must be submitted with your application for dealer’s license.

Contact Cathy Imsland for answers to all Bond questions. 573.634.3011 ext. 120


Members may use this service to obtain quick titles when the need arises. Personal attention is given to all your title needs in a much shorter time than the regular process. We offer a 48 hour title service for a service fee of $12.00 plus the official fees charged by the Missouri Department of Revenue. Contact Juanita Graham, Carla Armstrong, Pam Spencer, or Candy Stevens at MADA’s Title Service, 573.761.1010.


MADA offers, below commercial cost, nearly all the forms used in your dealership every day. Whether they are customized, imprint or stock, all forms can be ordered through the MADA office. Ad specialty items examples: license plate frames, inserts, trailer hitch covers, decals, car paper wallets, oil change stickers, and custom carpet floor mats are also available. Please contact Cathy Imsland at 800.776.6232 or visit our online catalog by going to


Trading for a vehicle with a child support lien on it can be a real headache. Protect yourself by being sure you have the latest and most up-to-date child support lien list from MADA. Check the current Child Support Lien list in the "Members Area".