MADA "Anything and Everything in the Automotive Industry"

We are dedicated to acquiring, preserving, and disseminating information to all branches of the automotive industry. We hold a strong commitment to engaging in non-profit scientific and educational activities as a commercial and trade association and business league in connection with the sale, marketing, promotion and delivery, repair and use of motor vehicles. 

MADA promotes the spirit of cooperation among its members and cooperating with the National Automobile Dealers Association and other organizations; and studying the general public with a focus on maintaining its confidence and goodwill.

MADA Provides for the Non-Profit Education of:

  • Those persons engaged in the sale, marketing, promotion, delivery and repair of motor vehicles in the best and most scientific methods of performing those functions.
  • The sellers and users of motor vehicles in the best and most scientific utilization of motor vehicles.
  • The general public in the use and benefits of motor vehicles


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Benefits of Franchised New-Car Dealerships

Price Competition

The franchise system creates the best value for consumers because dealers compete for every aspect of your business, from sales, to service, to parts. This system creates strong price competition and an significant value to car owning consumers.

Local Economies

Missouri Auto Dealers employ directly employ over 22,000 Missourians, and a large majority of these businesses are local, family owned companies. Dealerships provide good paying jobs with benefits and opportunities for advancement and professional development.

Consumer Safety

Dealerships protect consumers, alerting them of factory recalls and other safety issues related to their vehicles. Dealer service departments provide factory trained technicians who spend years learning how to keep a customer’s auto investments safe and performing to the best of its ability.

Added Value

Auto Dealerships provide added value to car owners with service after the sale, after market accessories, and factory trained staffs who understand your vehicle and the important place it holds in your day-to-day life. The automobile is an extension of your personality, as well as a vital tool for your household, and dealers recognize and understand the importance of that.